Every time you consume you accelerate the metabolism because the body has a hard time digesting it, it also helps to increase muscle mass which also has a positive effect on the metabolism, you control insulin, and that allows you to burn more fat, as it takes time to digest it controls appetite. Fish, chicken breast, beef or pork loin, seafood, eggs, whey protein. If you exercise, you can consume 2 gr. of protein per Kg., that you distribute in 5-6 meals.

Drink Water

 2 to 4 L. per day, this way you keep the body hydrated, you accelerate metabolism, eliminate toxins, retain less fluid and control appetite. Adequate water intake is essential to be fit and healthy. A dehydrated body does NOT burn fat efficiently, it does not perform the same in physical activity, and you feel more appetite.

Do not weigh yourself, do not measure yourself, do not obsess over the result, do the best you can in the process, take off the pressure. Avoid comparing yourself with anyone, remember that here the idea is to improve who you already are not being another person, and the most important thing is that you work on your attitude, that is the best accessory and your best weapon.

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